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Air Oil Separators

Range of Application 
arow2.png  Diesel Engine - Cummins , BEML, CAT, Mahindra,VOLVO Penta, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Wartsila   Diesels
arow2.png  Earthmoving Equipment - JCB, L&T, Komatsu, CAT, beml, Escort, HM , Tata Hitachi, Tata Cummins .
arow2.png  Compressor Range - Atlas Copco, CP , Elgi, KPC, IR , Kaiser.
arow2.png  Hydraulic Filters - Suction Filter, Return Line Filter, Pressure Filter, Duplex Filter, Bypass Filter, Air Breather,   Strainers,   Automatic Filter .


Range of filters 
arow2.png  Air Filter
arow2.png  Oil Filter
arow2.png  Fuel Filter
arow2.png  Fuel Water Separator
arow2.png  Coolant Filter
arow2.png  Air Oil Separator
arow2.png  Hepa & Panel Filter
arow2.png  Dust Collector
Air Oil Separators 

Air Oil Separator elements are designed to deliver dry, oil free air at the rated pressure at the outlet of screw compressor. These are very critical because they are very fine filters using special grade of imported media.

As degree of filtration required is very high, the quality of media used and workmanship are very carefully controlled during all stages of production. For optimum performance and high degree of filtration, we recommend to use MAHLE brand filters.

Hepa and Panel Filters 

The centrifugal compressors need extremely pure intake air in a large volume. This is arranged by two or three stage filtration. Depending upon the volume of air to be handled and level of cleanliness required, the specific filtration system is designed. Such systems use Panel & Hepa filters.


Panel Filters are pre-filters while Hepa filters are very fine filters using special grade imported media and have a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for the partial size of 0.3 micron. To get the full benefit of life and money of Hepa filters, the pre filters have to be of right quality. Otherwise Hepa filters becomes overloaded with the filtration work of the pre filters and the life of Hepa filter will get reduce.

Hydraulic Filters



Highly efficient filtration is a prime requisite for the proper functioning of highly sensitive hydraulic circuits. Solid and liquid contaminants are the cause of abrasion, wear and corrosion and both have a negative effect on the physical and chemical properties of hydraulic fluid. The performance of filter elements determines the degree of cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid.

The multi layer design of MAHLE filter elements enables a wide range of application and a high level of contaminants retention. The filtration efficiency of the MAHLE element remain on constant even under increasing differential pressures, offering maximum protection under pulsating loads



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